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Ideal health begins with knowledge!


To Lose Fat

Your body will hold onto fat if it is dehydrated. Fat holds water, water holds electrolytes. Electrolytes are needed at the cellular level. The brain must be confident that you will supply the body with electrolytes before it will let go of fat!

Improve Digestion

Did you know that chewing mints and gum will inhibit proper digestion? The sucking/chewing motion tells the brain that there is incoming food. The digestive process begins only to work hard for nothing. When time comes to eat there will be a depletion of available enzymes!

How's your sleep?

Poor sleep can lead to major health issues. Most commonly seen; foggy brain, stomach fat due to cortisol levels, emotional issues and irritability! Try deep breathing before you hit the pillow!

Laser Fat Loss

believe it, you can rid fat from those stubborn areas! Lasers have been used in traditional lipo suction since the 1960's. It has been found that they can hold the stage on their own!

Do you know what you CAN'T Digest?

Your body has an amazing ability to communicate by way of muscle contractions. Angie Rahm has been trained to determine what your body is able and unable to process. 

Customized Nutrition! The Future of Supplementation has now arrived!

As a health practitioner who can buy the highest quality supplement not sold in stores I choose the IDNutrition and you should too. I am happy to sell you pharmaceutical grade supplements, but it will cost you much more!  


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Live a life that is Intentional!

Life can be hard at times. There are days, weeks, months and even years that life can seem questionable. The problem is we get so caught up in our problems (and those of others) that lose our sense of purpose and significance.

Think about it. What if you didn't watch reality shows on TV, the news, or be persuaded by marketers on what buy. What if you only had the people that you live with, work with and chose to do life with.

Now ask yourself, am I caught up in my own reality show? If you have a life of drama, gossip chit chat, must drink to have fun, or just pure lazy friends, what kind of life are you really living?

Start today by making some small adjustments in your behavior, attitudes and choices. Life will be hard, that is for sure. Remember, anything worth having is hard at times. That is why we appreciate those things we have to work hard for. When you reach a point in your life when you are less concerned with what people think of you and more concerned about how you can have a positive impact on someone, your life will change exponentially!

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