Bio-Communication Scans

Everything in the universe vibrates at unique frequencies these vibrations are measured in Hertz which are cycles per second. Even a drinking glass vibrates if you look at it under a powerful microscope, if you have an even more powerful microscope you will see the particles of glass (sand) actually made up of trillions of atoms all vibrating, an even more powerful microscope will show these atoms have electrons and quarks that also vibrate, and an even more powerful microscope will show these are made up of vibrating strings (see quantum physics string theory), everything in the universe from an ant to a giraffe a drinking glass, carbon, a human the planets space dust etc is made of these vibrating strings. What differentiates a drinking glass from a Giraffe and from a cockroach and a human and an iron bar is the vibrational frequency measured in hertz of each of these subjects strings.

Zyto and Asyra are NOT to diagnose, treat or cure.