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SIBO is a Small Intestine Bacteria  Overgrowth/TRANSLOCATION

Bacteria is translocating from the colon to the small intestines. These commensal bacteria from the colon have translocated to the small intestines due to the Ileocecal valve staying open due to a gas your body is creating from the foods you are eating. This overgrowth is known as SIBO and requires immediate attention for your well-being. It will significantly affect hormones, brain function digestion.

How do you determine if you have SIBO?

*Do you have abdominal distention/bloating after consuming fiber, starches, carbs and sugars

*Abdominal distention/bloating after certain probiotics or natural supplements.

*Decreased gastrointestinal motility? AKA constipation?

*Decreased gastrointestinal motility? AKA diarrhea?

*Alternating constipation and diarrhea

*Suspicion of nutritional malabsorption

*Frequent and long term use of antacid (PPI, acid reflux medication)

*Have you been diagnosed with celiac, IBS, Leaky gut, Diverticulosis

*Trouble losing weight

*Just don't feel good