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Cellulite Can Be Treated with the i-lipo Ultra


Cellulite is a nagging problem for many women, even those who work hard to keep fit. The reason is that cellulite is not a fat problem – it’s a skin problem. Recent studies have revealed two major causes of cellulite.

The first is hardening of the connective tissue. These are referred to as connective tissue (fibrous) septae. These are made of collagen. Over time, these septae harden and contract. The contraction results in most of the dimpled appearance that characterizes cellulite. Additionally, the contraction leads to a blockage of blood vessels and lymphatics. The blood vessel blockage further hardens the septae. The lymphatic blockage leads to thick, swollen appearing skin.

The second major cause of cellulite is protrusion of fat cells into the lower part of the skin known as the “reticular dermis”. This protrusion results in worsening of the dimpling.

The rollers of the I-Lipo Ultra break up the fibrous septae, the pressure of the vacuum massage breaks up the collagen of the septae and releases the skin, allowing a smoother surface.

Our Ultra treatment is a painless, non-invasive treatment that achieves firmer, smoother skin in the areas where cellulite forms – the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Ideal Self Today is the only one to offer this new FDA accepted technology from Europe

Can I do both the I-Lipo and the I-Lipo Ultra? YES!

i-Lipo is how the fat is released and the Ultra is how we contour and deminish cellulite! i-Lipo Ultra™ adds vacuum massage and a second infra-red laser wavelength to i-Lipo’s extraordinary body shaping capabilities to deliver improved circumferential inch loss and cellulite reduction.

The vacuum massage action of the Ultra enhances the removal of released fat cell contents and optimizes absorption of infra-red laser wavelengths in the dermis to promote collagen growth and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The result is slimmer, tighter, smoother looking skin.

The new i-Lipo Ultra incorporates 36 laser diodes and a vacuum massage to enhance lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation and promote skin renewal.i-Lipo Ultra’s targeted fat and circumferential reduction and its impact on cellulite has many advantages over other body shaping technologies. Here are just a few!

Clinically Proven – Independent clinical studies have shown i-Lipo/Ultra treatment results to be comparable to those achieved by liposuction in several patients. Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment. i-Lipo is the first direct skin contact laser device designed for fat reduction and body contouring to receive FDA approval for circumferential reduction.

Individual price $199 Packages are available

Combining the i-Lipo with the i-Lipo Ultra promotes a 30% increase in results! Ask about adding the Ultra to you i-Lipo treatments!

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