Are you a carboholic?
The low fat craze has many of us 40-60 year olds in a hormonal spin. Our bodies are addicted to sugar and carbohydrates for feul and now experiencing the health problems associate with a low fat diet.

Thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, brain disorders, emotional disorders, obesity and inflammation are just a few of the symptoms and diagnosis people are suffering from. 

Many people around the world are experiencing significant change in their health by adapting a ketogenic diet. However, this is not a diet that is easy for most. 

The good NEWS is their is a healthy-safe way to get your body into KETOSIS and Ideal Self Today has it!

We now offer exogenous ketones through a reliable-scientific source called Pruvit!

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If you have a blood ketone monitor, wait 59 minutes and watch your body hot ketosis!