One day soon we will laugh at the idea that a "one a day" multi-vitamin actually could fill a whole day of nutritional needs.

In a world of processed foods, genetically modified organisms (GMO), soy, gluten, artificial sweeteners and food coloring it's no wonder we are such a sick nation!

I decided to join IDLife with many other health professionals to be able to find and offer better-faster-safer-inexpensive methods to helping people find solutions to some very simple solutions to everyday concerns to some very scary health issues.

If you are experiencing $ymptom$ you are in a health crisis. DO NOT BE FOOLED! Skin issues, constipation, inflammation, sleep issues, stress, anxiety, diarrhea, pain, heartburn...HELLO! These are early, yet serious red flags that you need to addressed!

Where do you start?

Well start by understanding what and who IDLife is. IDLife is  respectfully partners with the Dallas Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association, MDAnderson Cancer Centers as wells as HIPAA secure.

Listen to the extremely informative overview. YOU WILL LEARN from this video on ways you can make changes and become informed!

Please contact me if you have any questions. We have medical codes available for doctors to use! We also offer corporate wellness to any company with 3 employees or more! WE ARE THE ONLY CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM THAT MEETS THE EEOC, IRS AND THE ACA REGULATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS WITH AN OPT IN PLAN!