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Creating a wellness plan for you based on you!
The steps to getting to the bottom of your health concerns.
1. Write and email me your story. What is going on? When did these health issues begin? Have you been diagnoses with anything and if so how long after symptoms started?
2. Fill out the online health assessment at      Save your username & password. Tab 6 go through every letter clicking on any symptoms you have. This is extremely important.
3. Fill out the metabolic assessment or Neurological assessment (depending on concerns). Will be sent via email once apt. made.
4. Have blood work (w/n time line of symptoms) the more current the better. Let us know if you need to know where to get labs done.
5. Email your metabolic survey and notify Angela with your username and password for IDLife Nutrition.

1st consult $50 1 hour review of online health assessment and find out more about what has been going on and a game plan designed for you. Provide current labs/discuss labs needed to get to the core of your health concerns.
2nd consult $75 1.5 hours to review your plan
Recommended diet restriction/plan
Gut cleansing (repair and clear) if needed
IDNutrition baseline 1 month
Obvious additional if needed
If exhausted will look at B12 injections or liquid B12
Extra support in areas still out of balance
Stretches to help the body be in better structural balance
Follow up consults $50/hour & $30 each additional 30 minutes
These consults are usually once a month to stay on top of your progress