Can you heal your Gallbladder before they take it?


Millions of Americans suffer from gallbladder dysfunction, it typically goes under diagnosed until it's too late and the only option your doctor may offer is surgery. But wait, can you heal your gallbladder? Absolutely!

In the US alone more than 700,000 people have their GB removed each year, YIKES! This small pear-shaped muscular organ sits just under the liver at the lower edge of the rib cages's right side. Before a meal the GB fill up with bile (a thick, greenish liquid produced in the liver) this can grow the GB to the size of a small apple.

The GB function is to release the bile after a meal to help in digestion, more specifically, fats. Contraction of the GB secretes bile into the intestines through the bile duct. After a meal, the GB is empty and flat, like a deflated balloon.

Bile is a mixture of soluable cholesterol, water, salts and a compound called bilirubin. If this mixture becomes altered, it can become too thick and stick to the walls of the GB and the bile duct.

As time goes on and you fail to change dietary habits and properly lose the ability to digest fats this thick fluid can form deposits and you will develope GALLSTONES! Thise who devope gallstones often have little to no symtoms to warn you what's coming. In fact, you will one day finish a holiday meal or a fat-night out and wake in the middle of the night feeling like you have an alien living in your will most likely freak your partner out and they will rush you to the ER! When you get there, they will quickly determine you need to have your GB out, sometimes they may just force the stones but you need to know often they will admit you and get you on the surgery list! BYE BYE GB!

So why the pain. If the gallstones get lodged in the bile duct, it can block the normal flow of bile, causing this now thick fluid to back up into the GB and the liver. this leads to inflammation and the GB can become infected! This can be life threatening, hence the rush to surgery!

What can you do?

Stop eating refined foods-refined sugars-artifical sugar and ingredients-ease up or avoid dairy (including yogurt)- you must stay hydrated (avoid all the sport and energy drinks on the market that are loaded with sugar, artificial sugars, chemicals and food colorings) The best choice for hydration is not water. Water is necessary but you need an organically derived electrolyte source Click here to order HYDRATE If you are not properly hydrated you may develope a sludge (consistancy of toothpaste). Your medical western doctors have no means to rid your body of this sludge, it begins with being properly hydrated as well as a change in diet and using the correct dietary supplements. You can take a FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT to determine what is scientifically been proven to be safe and then order on line the recommended pharmaceutical grade nutriceuticals with out a doctor visit. You can adjust your dose that is safe for you and also add advanced recommendations depending on you pocket book and ability to take supplements.

Fat digestion is necessary. Fat is essential to the human body and living a fat free life can cause more problems than help. You must understand fat and it's purpose to the body. Let's begin with health fats to consume.

Fat from animals raised organically/grass-fed that are not treated with synthetic hormones.

Vegetable fat from oild that have not been hydrogenated. Hydrogentaed fats are vegetable oils that have been highly processed. These foreign fats disrupt the normal function of the cells and the GB.

You will want to avoid products and oils made with soy, corn canola and any other hydrogentaed oils. Check out the book by Dr. Brownstein called The Skinny on Fats.

You must keep this in mind, the function of the GB is to store bile for the release into the intestines so that when needed at digestion you will be able to break down the fats you are consuming to get the benefits of what you are eating.

You can also help your body by taking supplements that support the function of the GB. As a Natural Health Practitioner we do work with the specially developed products (be careful of store bought supplements) that work pon specific digestive issues and concerns. If you have had your GB removed I would call our office to order our recommended digestive aid. You will be amazed at how much better you feel after your meals. No appointment cost, just mention you want the NO-GB digestive support and we will get back to

You must break down these fats for your GB and your health. If you fail you will miss out on essential nutrients such as Vita A,E, and K. These fat soluable nutrients are essential for overall health and Americans are very deficient in them. Not to mention-a little side note- Vita D levels are rediculously low (should be 80-90 yet docs will tell you that you have toxic levels of D if that high) and these levels at 3-60 are too low in a functional medical mindset.

You can also do a liver GB cleanse. Though cleanses are never fun, this may be a place to start followed by a diet change, supplements to support the needs of the body and staying hydrated safetly. Do coffee enemas and have colonics (Deedee Delkamp in our office is the professional in the Madison area) are also important.

Here is the standard cleanse according to Dr. Brownstein

Drink 6oz of apple juice morning and night for 2 days

Then, one evening a few hours after dinner, drink 4-6oz of olive oil with 4-6oz lemon juice

The next morning take 3-4 tablespoons of Epsome salt mixed with water or juice. Stay near a bathroom for a few hours. Drink clear, warm liquids for the next few hours.

You may experience diarrhea, this is normal but should fade away after a couple of hours.

Much of this content is from an article written by Dr. Brownstein and information I have gathered through my digestive health studies!

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